Academic Clubs

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1 FINSIGHT- THE FINANCE CLUB Finsight, the finance club of IIPM-SOM, provides a platform for the students interested in the Finance and Investment specialist areas and helps them upgrade their subject knowledge and thorough understanding of the basic principles. We at the Finance Club are focused on activity-driven initiatives in the finance domain, keeping the interests of the students and alumni at the forefront. Our team consists of six enthusiastic individuals with over 15 years of experience who are committed to up-skilling the students through domain knowledge sharing and professional guidance. The club not only educates the students but also reaches out to industry experts and arranges plenary sessions to make sure student's exposure to various practical aspects of Finance and Investment. Additionally, the club undertakes a number of competitive events that instil motivation and interest among young participants towards Finance and Investment related topics and their real-world implications. The Finance Club initiatives and activities help the students to get practical experiences of Finance and Investment, thereby ensuring their preparedness to handle the market situations of the financial service industries in real-life situations.