1. Students are to apply in proper manner for availing each merit scholarship in due time of its advertisement / notification by the State Government/ Concerned Authority/Principal.
2. All Merit Shcolarships earned by the student are tenable in this college subject to regular attendance, good conduct and satisfactory progress and or fulfilling the requirements as prescribed against the respective scholarship.
3. Students cannot have their scholarships renewed in the next year, unless they have appeared at the Annual Examination and have declared promoted to the next higher class and or fulfilled the requirements as prescribed against the respective scholarship.
4. Scholarship tenable in this college may be transferred to another college, if the scholarship holder takes a transfer certificate and makes an application for transfer of the scholarship with prescribed fees.

5. Students of this college regularly avail following scholarships: Post Matric Scholarship for S.C./S.T. students,
Junior Merit Scholarship
Senior Merit Scholarship
National Scholarship
Sports Talent Scholarship
Primary School Teacher’s Children Scholarship
Freedom Fighter’s Children Scholarship
Hindi Scholarship
Sanskrit Scholarship
Urdu Scholarship
Orthopaedically and Physically Handicapped Students Scholarship, Etc.
6. Students can avail detail information regarding different Scholarships and submission of application for same from the information counter of the college.


1. Students availing free studentship are exempted from paying Monthly Tuition Fee to the College, however they will have to pay other Montlhly Dues and Annual Dues according to the College Prospectus / Admission Information/ Notification.
2. All Girl students, all S.C. and S.T. students are exempted from paying the Monthly Tuition Fee of the College.
3. a) 12.5% of the total enrolled students in each class apart from Girls, S.C. and S.T. students can also get the benefit of full Free Studentship every year according to Govt. provision, A full Free Studentship can be converted to two half-Free Studentships and the same can be awarded to two students instead of one student of a class at the discretion of the Principal.
b) Free Studentship is awarded to poor and meritorious students only.
c) Aplications in the prescribed proforma are invited for then purpose usually at the beginning of the session. Applicants are required to appear before a Selection Board with necessary requisites to be considered eligible to enjoy this benefit.


Shyam Kumar Memorial Prize

A memorial prize is instituted by Sri. M. Bhima Rao, Former Lecturer in commerce of this College in the memory of his late Shyam Kumar by kindly donating Rs. 1000/- for fiexd deposit, the interest of which will be paid in cash to the best student in the +2 examination, securing the highest mark without extra optional subject from 98 Annual onwards.

Lal Behari Jena Memorial Running Trophy

Lal Behari Jena Memorial Running Trophy to the Best Arts Graduates.

Krushna Chandra Mishra Award

A sum of Rs. 6000/- is donated by Dr. Rajendra Nath Mishra Reader in English of this college to start an Award of cash Prize out of its Annual interest to the best Science Graduate in the memory of the founder President of this college as “Krushna Chandra Mishra Award” for best science graduate.