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Student Seminars

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Student Seminars

Student Seminars are held on Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. Students present their topics and receive input from faculty members and fellow students about their presentations. Apart from providing a unique opportunity to hear from the fellow students about the most recent topics, these seminars provide students with ample opportunities to hone their presentation skills. Students are encouraged to present topics which are not currently offered under the regular course curriculum.Student Seminars are a great way to enhance the learning experience of students while gaining facilitation and leadership skills. Students also avail the unique opportunity to work closely with a faculty member developing the seminar proposal and content.


The primary goal of the Student Seminars is to provide practical knowledge in the clear and concise oral communication of current topics and those not currently offered under the course curriculum. Attendance at the Student Seminars is the major means of acquiring this knowledge. Students should make every effort to attend all seminars. Faculty members are also expected to attend the seminars on a regular basis. Since an interactive audience is essential for the success of such seminars, students and faculty are also expected to ask questions.

Each seminar brings together a group of highly-motivated students to explore and investigate a topic through learning activities including group discussions, research papers, presentations, lectures, problem-solving, and case analysis. In a nutshell, these seminarsoffer an incredible forum for in-depth learning, venturing into meaningful topics that press the students to question themselves, their peers and theirfaculty members.

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