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Industry Visit & Study Tours

Hinging strongly on the fact that the world is changing too rapidly for the students to just rely on classroom teaching and in order to develop students to be battle ready for the corporate life, a sustained mechanism is needed which would educate them beyond books and classrooms. The need of the hour is experiential learning. This justifiesthe idea of industry visits and study tours to expedite students’ success through experiential learning. Our vision is for every student to grow by safely exploring the world outside classrooms and experiencing all its diversity.

Redefining the classroom experience, such educational tourism provides students with an opportunity to experience what lies beyond their horizon. We at IIPM introduce students to new experiences, teaching and learning techniques, people and lifestyles.Our industry visits and study tours are the answers to the growing need of imparting experiential learning beyond the conventional learning model which is confined to classrooms. Our present focus is to change the paradigm from input-based learning to output-based learning with emphasis on practical experiences. The core idea is to make students experience the corporate culture and hence learn from the working model of the industry. We want our students to learn and explore the real worldwhich is beyond the realm of university curriculum.


These visits and tours form the core of our efforts to give the students maximum possible practical knowledge andchoose the right career path. Management education without being face to face to the industry cannot be fruitful. Every year we organisea series of industry visits and study tours for our students ranging from freshers to rising seniors. It provides opportunities to the students to discover new things for themselves, through participation in hands-on activities. In the first place, these tours mark a refreshing break from the routine and go beyond textbooks.

These tours are not just the seeing of sights, they trigger learning that is not only deep but also permanent. Thus, happens real education as Francis Bacon opined, “Travel, in young sort, is a part of education, in the elderly, a part of experience.”

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