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Summer Internships

Summer Internships

Summer internships are usually 45 days practical training programme at IIPM School of Management at the starting of the Third Semester. Internships provide students with hands-on learning experience even as they gain a glimpse into the real world, giving them a front row seat to a potential career choice. Working as an intern gives them a hands-on professional experience. The Interns are not just there to do errands and make coffee—they are there to work. The summer internship gives the interns a chance to build your stores, so that when you’re ready to go on that job interview, they have the skills, the experience, the desire, and the confidence to make it happen.

As a result of what we do, the Interns will have better soft skills, personality and gain relevant experience that will make them more employable. Grow your network, grow your life. The Summer Internship at IIPM School of Management helps the interns to check out which departments they can work for and what all opportunities lie ahead. Here at IIPM School of Management, A "summer internship" is a very good opportunity to get crucial work experience in their summer holiday period, whilst developing industry contacts, making new friends and even earning reasonable money. The candidates have to undergo a strenuous application, interview and assessment process.


Benefits of doing a Summer Internships are:

  • Delivers you hands-on work experience.

  • Create own contacts.

  • Build a career path.

  • Develop Skills.

  • Gain Confidence and Re-searchable knowledge.

  • Build up your resume.


1. Students have to submit application form with all details after the notification for SIP/PROJECT/DESSERTATION by the Institute.

2. After Receiving the application SIP Committee will allot faculty guide at their own discretion.

3. Students if opted for arrangement of Company of their own , they need to collect the request letter and submit the relevant authority.

4. If student opted for company to be chosen by IIPM , they have to accept the company allotted to them by SIP Committee.

5. Once the company and the specialisation area are decided, students need to discuss with the faculty guide to decide the topics.

6. In case of Dual specialisation it’s advisable that the SIP should be taken up on the specialisation area having more job avenue with the discussion with Placement Head.

7. Once a student reach the company, he/she should forward scan copy of joining report within 24 hours to the placement Head.

8. Students should submit the hard copy of joining report while reporting back to the Institute after completion.

9. SIP tenure is of 45 Days.

10. After the successful completion of SIP , students should collect completion certificate / Relieving Letter from concerned company and deposit to the Academic Head, failing which she/he will not be allowed to attend classes.

11. Extension of SIP Period is not allowed under any circumstances, however in case of emergency a written permission / through e-mail to be obtained from Academic Head with the recommendation of the company guide in the relevant format.

12. Students should report back to the Institute within 4 days of completion of the SIP.

13. The faculty guide will be in constant touch with the company guide to verify the progress of the SIP and students need to give sip progress report in every 15 days.

14. The students are required to maintained utmost discipline and decency during SIP in company premises, any violation of rule and regulation will be subject to disciplinary action by the Institute.

15. The above Conditions may be changed at any point of time by the SIP COMMETTEE with due approval of the Competent Authority.

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